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The small special

To take care of one it is also restful!
That is why, here are suggestions of small special...

Do not hesitate to reserve the activities that you want to match your stay enough in advance to be sure(safe) that there is still availability.

To please: on the spot

Massage Hakim of the back, practised since millenniums in the brotherhoods of the dervishes quacks Hakim (Middle East) to regenerate the intervertebral records(disks) and stretch the vertebral column smoothly, while balancing at the same time the psyche.

Duration of the session 50 min. price list(rate). Special vacationer CHF 60.--

Michelle Froidevaux-Perrin
Path(Way) of the Beautiful Bird 44 2882 St-Ursanne
Motive(Mobile): 078/819 43 63
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.instantsamadeva


PS. In 3 minutes of Boécourt is The stroll of Séprais, here is the useful docs. And if it is raining a magnificent Leisure center for children and adults is to Bassecourt 5 min. of Boécourt.

To make beautiful

( Beauty parlor, removal of hair, skincare of face and the body.)

Logo intit1Contact:
Chrysalis beauty parlor
Laurie Migy la Ruelle 8 2882 St-Ursanne

To sublimate your hairstyle

Julie qualified hairdresser will take care of your hair. She(it) will also know how to advise(recommend) to you for the interview(maintenance) and the care of bringing to your hair.


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