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Voyagez gratuitement à travers le Jura!

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For your leisure activities, I propose you following activities:

12 StandsTrail round "paint and fondue" : During the stroll, the artists will learn some techniques of watercolor "to crunch" the landscape which extends in front of them, so creating a "mini journey diary" throughout this day. Way in the course of the Doubs : Stroll connecting Soubey with the medieval city of Saint-Ursanne, by following the river.Pond of Gruère: family Hike passing by the nature reserve of the Pond of Gruère. The Stroll of Séprais: museum in height-air created in 1993, opened permanently, free, accessible all year round.   


 By(On a) bicycle

Tour(Tower,Ballot) of Clos-du-Doubs: route: St-Ursanne-Ocourt - Epiquerez-Epauvillers - Chervillers - Poye - Tariche - Bridge(Deck) of Gullies - St-Ursanne, Distance: 32.3 km, Lowering: 886 m, Difficulty: Average. Strong rise(ascent) of Ocourt to Epiquerez. Stiff but short rise(ascent) The Coalwoman(Great tit) - Poye.

Cycle track Delémont-Glovelier: duration: 2 hours, Distance: 14 km, Difficulty: easy, no lowering.

And some more of activities in winter as in summer:

MOUNTAIN BIKE, cross-country skiing, rackets(snowshoes) with snow, Alpine skiing,

On horseback(By horse), funny, water sports, golf, in rollers, visits of the guided cities, cities and heritage(holdings), museums, watchmaker's shop(watch-making), natural sites, the unusual, wellness.


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