History of the venue:

Formerly the barn of a house called "Paquaoile", the venue was first renovated as a Montessori school. The school operated for three years before being forced to close due to lack of official support.

We quickly thought of offering it as accommodation for outside visitors. 

Today, we are delighted that we made this decision: it is an ideal place to come and unwind while enjoying what the region has to offer. 


Our values: 

High-quality construction, built with noble materials and with the greatest respect for nature. We only use natural cleaning products that are mostly homemade.

When it comes to mealtimes, we offer local produce and homemade bread, for which we mainly use organic flour. 


Our aim is to give you the warmest possible welcome and do everything in our power to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and that you leave feeling rested and refreshed.

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